Appliance Magic

Oh it was a veritable appliance festival in my kitchen today.  Really I only used two appliances but the beauty of each one of them shone through and made preparation of  Everyday Chickpea Quinoa Salad from Appetite for Reduction a breeze.  I used the magic rice cooker to prepare some presoaked garbanzo beans while I worked diligently in the other room.  Next it was put to work making a batch of quinoa in a wink.  The next player in this scene is the shiny new food processor.  It whipped up the Balsamic Dressing for the salad and sliced the onion and shredded a carrot in no time flat.  Served over some pre chopped romaine this was one quick dinner.  It’s almost as good as having a chef in the kitchen.

Food Processor Magic

Salad for dinner…this was more than just a salad; except now I have total onion breath.


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