A Greenish Brown Smoothie and Waiting for Tsunamis

I’ve become a bit of a recluse since I started working from home full-time.  I realized I hadn’t put gas in my car since January; and while my car gets good mileage it’s not that good.  So when I watched the news this morning and saw the devastation in Japan and the Tsunami warnings up and down the California coast I figured I should hunker down in my house in case I got swept away.  And how does this differ from any other day I spend hunkered down in my house???  Well today I found myself glued to the news and my rule is, no TV while working.  I got to thinking how dramatic the media was making it look here, I got a call from my sis in Texas even.  People in other parts of the country, if they didn’t know the area, were worried about friends and family here on the West coast; when in reality things were buzzing along pretty normally.  The beaches were closed and they told the foolish lookie looers to stay home, “There’s nothing to see here”.  But fortunately all remained quiet.  There was some tragedy in Northern Cal, but it was because people did not listen to the warnings and use common sense.  I hate hearing those stories because they seem so senseless, and now a family is grieving because their loved one got swept away by the current.  SAD!  Anyway, I think sitting glued to the news was not doing me any good so after work I actually put some gas in my car and went to the fabric store.  Did you know March is National Craft Month?  I didn’t…but now I feel the need to craft something.  No one on the road seemed the least bit effected by the news stories and no one in the fabric store was talking earthquakes and floods either.  So now I’m conflicted, do I watch the news and try to think of something I could do to help someone in Japan who has been touched by the earthquake?  Or do I carry on in my little insulated bubble? 

And as for the other part of this title…this smoothie was a tasty mix of Amazing Greens Pomegranate mango Infusion, orange juice, frozen mango and ice.  I asked for crushed and my fridge gave me cubed, and that’s pretty much what my day was all about.


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