No Buyer’s Remorse

After chores and hockey major purchase shopping was on the agenda today.  A new car for D and a new sewing machine for me (hey, that rhymes).  The thing about making a major purchase is to be sure you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.  As I’ve become older and slightly wiser I’ve come up with a few rules to follow.  These are nothing you haven’t heard before, but I like to remind myself of them before I plunk down cash on the counter.
1.  Can I afford to pay cash for this?
2.  Have I researched this to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my Buck.
3.  Will this purchase be used or will it sit in the garage collecting cobwebs.  Think about my bicycle hanging in the rafters.
Once I have all my bases covered I like to go to a store and actually see what I contemplating buying.  The Internet is great for research but there’s nothing like actually touching it and seeing it in action.  So now I’m sitting here pondering all the info I got from the Sew and Vac store.  Will a purchase be made?  That remains to be seen, but at least I’ll have no regrets!

This is the Bernina beauty I’m pondering…


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