Get Crafty

Since I was very young I’ve been a Craftanista.  Every birthday and Christmas list was filled with items for my latest creative pursuit.  The list of crafts I’ve explored range from hooked rugs, to weaving, to beading, oil painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, lye soap making, card making, decopage, mosaics, and on and on.  Name a craft and I’ve probably tried it.  I had dreams of supporting myself with my crafts when I was a teen but that kind of vaporized after I became a mom at an early age.  Crafts really don’t pay for insurance for a child, much less food and roof over our heads.  That didn’t stop me from trying though.  At one point I signed up for a “make crafts at home” scheme that turned out to be just that, a scheme.  Kind of the crafty version of stuffing envelopes.  I was supposed to make embroidered bibs, of course the supplies had to be purchased from this “company” that ran the ad.  Once made they would buy back the bibs thus offsetting my cost of supplies and earning me a nice bonus too.  I’m sure you know how the story ends…yes, each and every one of those bibs was rejected for “flaws”.  As a test, because I still couldn’t believe I had been ripped off, I sent back the bib the “company” had sent me as an example of the workmanship that was expected.  Lo and behold that one was rejected too.  It’s really true, there’s a sucker born every minute, and I was one.  That didn’t take away my love of all things creative, though.  Sitting down at my sewing machine time can pass  without me even realizing it.  I still have dreams of selling my crafts…this time they’re a little smaller and thanks to the Internet they no longer require sitting at craft fares all weekend.  My plan is to open an Etsy or maybe an Artfire store this year.  I’ve been sewing in the evening which gets my mind off of work and keeps my face out of the fridge.  Very therapeutic and productive too.  My latest creation…yoga mat bags lined with fabric that has cats doing yoga poses, how cute is that?  so celebrate National Craft Month and get in touch with your inner Craftanista.


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