What’s Up Doc

I hadn’t eaten any breakfast when it was suddenly time to get on the road to make it to an afternoon meeting.    One of my problems since starting to work at home is I seem to have a hard time getting moving when I actually have to get presentable.  So by the time I got ready I didn’t leave myself enough time to eat.  A smoothie sounded good so I hit up Jamba Juice on the way out of town.  They have some new fruit and veggie and I took my chances with the carrot orange karma.  Perfect Bugs Bunny smoothie.  It reminded me of a drink I used to make with carrots, pineapple and lemon.  I think it was in the first or second Vita Mix cookbook.  I wonder if I could cook, mash, and freeze carrots like I do with pumpkin to make delicious Smoothies.  I guess raw would be better than cooked.  Hmmmm, I’ll ponder, the ingredients are waiting at home.  Meanwhile…onward to meetings.


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