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Kale Me

I may or may not have eaten this whole bowl of homemade kale chips for dinner.  You decide.

Stuff I’m reading and liking today

My ecological footprint is 3.9.  Which means if everyone lived like I did it would take almost four Earths to provide enough resources.  And here I thought I was doing so well, I eat local and low on the food chain; I compost and recycle; I rarely drive anywhere.  There’s always more to be done!  Take the quiz and find out your footprint here.

Progress continues to be made in the field of correcting and restoring vision to those who have lost their eyesight to genetic disorders.  There’s hope for T. yet.  The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a great resource for clinical trial information, new research, and studies.

The ever prolific Vegansaurus gives a great review of Rio.  Sounds like a great date night way to celebrate Earth Day…bring along a kid or two if you must.


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Happy Birthday Cupcakes

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we welcomed Special K into the family.  Next weekend his parents are throwing him the ever popular first birthday party, which is really just an excuse for grown-ups to get together and eat cake without feeling silly.  Like any good grandma I said I would make cupcakes for the event.  I thought it best I start experimenting with vanilla cupcakes as the few recipes I’ve made have been too dense and/or oily.  I just got Vegan Bake Sale and they had a beautiful looking vanilla bean cupcake, and guess what??? That’s exactly what I got a beautiful looking vanilla bean cupcake.  Actually the taste was okay too, very vanilla-ie, and it may have been my fault, I may have overbaked them but these things were pretty dry.  Back to the drawing board, tomorrow.

Things I’ve been reading and liking:

Carolyn at the lovely blog  Eat Well Live Well Be Well talks about giving up those things we hate doing but keep on doing because we think we should, or we might let someone down.  Really why are we always trying to live up to what we think others expectations of us might be?  Why do we continue to do things that just don’t feel right, true or authentically us??

Looking for all things Gluten Free???  Check out XGFX for resources, recipes, tutorials, even a list of sneaky gluten foods.

Still trying to find a way to keep the cats out of my raised beds.  Most articles and tips say use chicken wire.  Hmmm, think I’ll keep researching.


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The Forgotten Vegetable

I almost forgot a bunch of lovely asparagus I bought at the Farmer’s Market the weekend before last.  As you can imagine it was almost to the point of no return.  Rather than making the beautiful springtime asparagus salad that I had planned on my sad little bunch looked like it would be better off with a roasting.  Into the oven it went with a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, just basic but delicious.  I find when I try to get too fancy I often end up with something inedible.  Sticking with simple ingredients always turns out best for me.  After 20 minutes at 425 degrees it was ready for a little lemon zest and a squeeze of the same to brighten the flavors.  Oh my, this was good.  what else did I have to round out the meal, you ask???  Actually nothing, this was enough!

Things I’m reading and liking today:

The Vegan Asana has some good thoughts about negative body images.  Putting some of her positive affirmations into effect will make you smile.  And really don’t we beat ourselves up enough for so many other reasons without being so body critical all the time?  I like the idea of not saying something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a child in your care.  Hmmm, good stuff.

Veg News offered up a real apology.

Vegan Cuts opened for business today and has a great deal on Moxie Organix Skin Care.  This is like the Groupon for Vegans so check back regularly and often.

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Meatless Monday

In my house every Monday is meatless but I can really get behind the Meatless Monday movement that’s going on.  Leave it to Oprah to really get things rolling even though it was originally launched back in 2003 by Sid Lerner.  The whole idea behind MM is to reduce your consumption of meat by 15% by choosing to eat no meat one day a week.  Why Monday you ask?  Because for most people the week begins on Monday and the chances are higher that we stick to behaviors we start on a Monday; this has actually been proven in studies (don’t ask me what studies; just trust me, okay).  The Meatless Monday website site is full of nutrition information, recipes, interviews, kits you can download, and everything else you could possibly need to get inspired.  So now, not only can we say TGIF, we have a reason to love Mondays too.  TGIM!

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That Scandalous Veg News

I’m certainly a day late and a dollar short.  I just spent the morning catching up on the Veg News Scandal.  It seems that the preeminent vegan magazine has been using non-vegan stock photos in their publication and in one case even photoshopping out the bones in real pork spareribs.  Read Quarry Girls breaking story here if you’re as behind the times as I am.  Veg News reacted by posting a kind of odd non-apology in PDF format; in a nutshell, they claim because they are a small independent magazine they have to resort to stock photos sometimes and there just aren’t that many vegan photos out there.  Really???  Have they even looked at the number of Vegan blogs with food porn just oozing out of the computer…those lick your monitor kind of pictures that tell you, “I have to make this right NOW”?  Kind of a lame excuse IMHO.  So there has been outcry in the Vegan blog world and rightly so…people feel duped by an institution that was supposed to be championing their beliefs.  The posts go from the angry to the cutesy, to the mildly offended.  My question is, if they use stock photos for their recipes are they even trying the recipes?  I made a frittata once from a Veg News recipe and it was horrible.  Now I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

On a lighter note…look what I bought last weekend…

A Blueberry bush

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Chia – More than just a Pet

Well who knew that tiny little seeds that grow “hair” on a plethora of clay figures, including the ever popular Scooby Doo, can make a fantastic breakfast as well.  As it warms up the siren song of the oatmeal becomes less and less seductive and I crave something a little cooler, a little creamier…but, but…(I thed but-but) not a smoothie.  So what then, ice cream for breakfast?  While not a bad idea, I usually don’t have ice cream in the house and while overnight oats sounded ok it just wasn’t right either.  Goldilocks, whatever did you make then??  Please end the suspense.  Okay, what does Chia Pudding sound like to ya?  Starts those old salivary glands right up doesn’t it?  Well now, don’t judge until you try.  It’s cool and creamy and just what I wanted.  Into my snack mug went:

  • 2 T. Black chia seeds
  • 2 T. Bob’s Red Mill Muesli
  • 1 c. Vanilla Soy milk
  • 1 T. Almond butter

I let that set for a minute while I got ready to go to the gym.  Then gave it a quick stir and added a handful of frozen berries.  I had a mix of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries from the farmer’s market last weekend, but I think any kind would taste good.  I would chop up strawberries though, kind of big to eat whole.  Popped it all in the fridge and went to the gym.  When I got back an hour or so later I had a thick lovely pudding to eat while I got to work answering email.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t eat while I work, but sometimes you just have to multi-task.

First it looked like this, all liquidy

Then the magic happened and it turned into this

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More Vegetable Cruelty Talk

This is another entry in my ongoing research of cruelty to vegetables.  Let’s open this discussion by viewing a short video about the atrocities committed against our fruit and veggie friends.  Warning this video is graphic and may not be suited for all audiences:

I’ll give you a few minutes to compose yourselves.  There, are you all better?  Really who has an appetite after that demonstration of random acts of meanness.  Please excuse me while I go gnaw on some rusty nails, iron poor blood, ya know?

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