Boozy Birthday Cupcakes

What kind of cupcakes do you make for a 23 year-old born in March?  I don’t know, but chocolate and beer came to my mind.  I had seen these Chocolate Stout cupcakes while perusing blogs on St. Patrick’s day and was just waiting for an excuse to make them.  These come from the famous Chloe, winner of Cupcake Wars (Go Vegan Cupcakes!). I ended up with a whole bottle of Irish Whisky when I only needed a couple of teaspoonfuls for the frosting.  As I was telling the clerk at Trader Joe’s what I was doing buying a giant bottle of whisky and a six-pack of oatmeal stout, he suggested I should have just bought an airline bottle from the liquor store.  Thanks, helpy helperton.  And why I felt the need to justify my purchases to begin with, as if the guy was thinking, “just look at this old booze hound with her beer and whisky and sugarplum tomatoes.  Bet she has a wild night planned.”  Yep, I’m almost sure that’s what he was thinking.  So anyway, the cupcakes turned out beautifully and made a nice birthday dessert.  The caramel that was drizzled over the top made an awful lot though, I think next time I’ll cut that in half.  Other than that they were well worth the effort and I came home with an empty container.


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