That Scandalous Veg News

I’m certainly a day late and a dollar short.  I just spent the morning catching up on the Veg News Scandal.  It seems that the preeminent vegan magazine has been using non-vegan stock photos in their publication and in one case even photoshopping out the bones in real pork spareribs.  Read Quarry Girls breaking story here if you’re as behind the times as I am.  Veg News reacted by posting a kind of odd non-apology in PDF format; in a nutshell, they claim because they are a small independent magazine they have to resort to stock photos sometimes and there just aren’t that many vegan photos out there.  Really???  Have they even looked at the number of Vegan blogs with food porn just oozing out of the computer…those lick your monitor kind of pictures that tell you, “I have to make this right NOW”?  Kind of a lame excuse IMHO.  So there has been outcry in the Vegan blog world and rightly so…people feel duped by an institution that was supposed to be championing their beliefs.  The posts go from the angry to the cutesy, to the mildly offended.  My question is, if they use stock photos for their recipes are they even trying the recipes?  I made a frittata once from a Veg News recipe and it was horrible.  Now I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

On a lighter note…look what I bought last weekend…

A Blueberry bush

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