Meatless Monday

In my house every Monday is meatless but I can really get behind the Meatless Monday movement that’s going on.  Leave it to Oprah to really get things rolling even though it was originally launched back in 2003 by Sid Lerner.  The whole idea behind MM is to reduce your consumption of meat by 15% by choosing to eat no meat one day a week.  Why Monday you ask?  Because for most people the week begins on Monday and the chances are higher that we stick to behaviors we start on a Monday; this has actually been proven in studies (don’t ask me what studies; just trust me, okay).  The Meatless Monday website site is full of nutrition information, recipes, interviews, kits you can download, and everything else you could possibly need to get inspired.  So now, not only can we say TGIF, we have a reason to love Mondays too.  TGIM!


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