The Forgotten Vegetable

I almost forgot a bunch of lovely asparagus I bought at the Farmer’s Market the weekend before last.  As you can imagine it was almost to the point of no return.  Rather than making the beautiful springtime asparagus salad that I had planned on my sad little bunch looked like it would be better off with a roasting.  Into the oven it went with a drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, just basic but delicious.  I find when I try to get too fancy I often end up with something inedible.  Sticking with simple ingredients always turns out best for me.  After 20 minutes at 425 degrees it was ready for a little lemon zest and a squeeze of the same to brighten the flavors.  Oh my, this was good.  what else did I have to round out the meal, you ask???  Actually nothing, this was enough!

Things I’m reading and liking today:

The Vegan Asana has some good thoughts about negative body images.  Putting some of her positive affirmations into effect will make you smile.  And really don’t we beat ourselves up enough for so many other reasons without being so body critical all the time?  I like the idea of not saying something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a child in your care.  Hmmm, good stuff.

Veg News offered up a real apology.

Vegan Cuts opened for business today and has a great deal on Moxie Organix Skin Care.  This is like the Groupon for Vegans so check back regularly and often.

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  1. Thanks for reading and that plate of asparagus is making me huuuuungry! 😀

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