Kale Me

I may or may not have eaten this whole bowl of homemade kale chips for dinner.  You decide..you decide.

Stuff I’m reading and liking today

My ecological footprint is 3.9.  Which means if everyone lived like I did it would take almost four Earths to provide enough resources.  And here I thought I was doing so well, I eat local and low on the food chain; I compost and recycle; I rarely drive anywhere.  There’s always more to be done!  Take the quiz and find out your footprint here.

Progress continues to be made in the field of correcting and restoring vision to those who have lost their eyesight to genetic disorders.  There’s hope for T. yet.  The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a great resource for clinical trial information, new research, and studies.

The ever prolific Vegansaurus gives a great review of Rio.  Sounds like a great date night way to celebrate Earth Day…bring along a kid or two if you must.

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