Fires and Other Dinner Delays

Fortunately the fire wasn’t at my house but my heart certainly goes out to the three families who lost their beach homes today.  This calamity meant PCH was shut down, which in turn meant R. couldn’t make it home, which in turn left me to watch special K. while his mom went to the gym.  Now that’s a normal Thursday evening event for me, but usually the watching is for 15 or 20 minutes.  So before I dashed (dashed is really not how I’m moving these days, but it’s embarrassing to use a word that actually describes how I got to her house, so we’ll stick with dash and you can use your imagination) (boy did I get off track)…so here I am dashing to her house this afternoon and as I exit my house I throw some rice in the rice cooker and a sweet potato in the oven.  After feeding, bathing, and playing with K for an hour I figured I better take my potato out of the oven and turn said oven off.  And, no, I didn’t leave a one-year-old home alone.  I carried him next door and took care of potato business.  So another hour passes…and finally the mom comes home.  She says, “What, he’s not home yet”?  I explained about the fires and that R. decided to stop and eat at the Gyro place until PCH opened up.  Her response????  “Oh poor, R. Did he sound mad”?  Well, gee, you’re welcome and now let me go home and make dinner for N. who has been waiting patiently for me.  Ungrateful much?  Anyway, at least my rice and potato were done…I nuked some frozen kale, opened a can of black beans and made a layered bowl of goodness including some lemon thyme from my garden.  Sorry, T, you were right to feel bad for R; I just get crabby when I’m hungry!

The bowl (which is actually a gratin dish but what the heck)…layered brown rice, black beans, kale, sweet potato cubes, a sprinkle of salt, pepper and lemon thyme, and sauced with some seriously delicious Tangerine Vinaigrette that I picked up at WF this week.  Well worth the wait!

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