Since Special K turned one year-old recently his little stubborn self refuses to eat that mushy baby food and he wants to feed himself.  Even with only 8 teeth he does a pretty good job of gobbling up whatever is put in front of him.  I try not to insert my opinions about what they should be feeding the boy, it still feels like a not too distant memory of my ex-MIL trying to exert her influence over my choices.  But…living next door gives me the opportunity to bring over yummy vegan food for K to try on for himself.  Enter PPK’s most excellent Spaghetti Nos–a little time-consuming, lots of pots, pans, blenders, etc…but so worth it.  K loved them, N ate two whopping bowls the night I made it, and I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.  Isa totally captured the slightly sweet sauce and I see many uses for the mini lentil “meat” balls, they were right on!

Even though my kids strayed from the vegetarian path as they grew up and struck out on their own some of their favorite meals are still the vegetarian one’s from their past.  T and R are making good choices for Special K and the boy does love his veggies…my kind of guy!


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