Memorial Day

Today I’m stopping to think about why we have today off from the daily grind, why we get a chance to relax and barbecue with friends and family or enjoy time at the beach or in parks, or even just gardening in the sunshine.  What are our troops sacrificing so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we all take for granted?  As a woman I can exercise my right to vote, I can speak up in a business meeting with men in attendance, I can dress the way I want, even if what I want is sweats and a t-shirt.   For that matter I can hold down a job that has paid me enough over the years to support my kids as a single mom.  My friend lost her 23 year-old son 4 years ago and nothing will ever fill that void for her and her family.  By dismissing the wars that we’re involved in as pointless we’re disrespecting everyone who has sacrificed a loved one or are putting their life on the line fighting for these freedoms.  The same way WWI and II vets did, history shows us what power-hungry despots can do and I thank God I live in a country of religious freedom, where I can worship, speak, and dress, and even eat how I choose.  Wow…enough of that rant.  Enjoy a tofu dog today and raise a toast to our military!


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