In the Last Month Meme

Cover of "Remarkable Creatures"

Cover of Remarkable Creatures

I liked this idea of an “In the Last Month” meme that Dr. Katie from Making Food and Other Stuff came up with.  I’ve stalked her site before and feel a bit of a kindred spirit being a serial crafter myself.  Her genius idea for this meme was to answer a list of questions based on stuff you’ve done, seen, read, enjoyed in the past month.  If you have pictures, all the better.  So here goes…

In the last month…

…the best movie I’ve seen is BridesmaidsThis is seriously funny and not a Chick flick.  Melissa McCarthy steals the show as Dougie’s sister.  Go see this movie!

…the best book I’ve read is –  Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier.  A historical novel set in the 1800’s English seashore.  It’s based on the life of Mary Anning who made enormous contributions to the scientific world.  She was self-taught and discovered the first known fossil Ichthyosaurus.  Because of her gender and lower class station in life she never gained the recognition that she would have if she were alive today making similar discoveries.  The tongue twister, she sells sea shells, is about Mary Anning.

…the best magazine I read is – Mother Earth News.  I used to subscribe to this magazine in my hippy dippy, move to a commune, raise organic vegetables and live in vegetarian bliss days.  I picked it up on a whim and still enjoyed the back to the land folksieness of it.

..the best itunes download I listened to is – Coming Home by The 88.  OK, I admit I like this theme song from the Hilton Hotels commercials.

…the best iphone app I discovered is – I just don’t play around on my phone that much…so that and the fact that I have a Droid.  Well, enough said!  I did ponder making an ipad case for my soon to be open Etsy shop, does that count?

…the best new random product find is – Naturally Nutty Mocha Peanut Butter, need I say more?  After finding out that PB Loco was no longer in business my search for flavored peanut butter turned up this wonderful site.  Not all are vegan but plenty of delicious flavors are.

So that’s my month in a peanut butter nutshell


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2 responses to “In the Last Month Meme

  1. Oh my god, I HAVE to watch that movie!! I love Melissa McCarthy, back from the Gilmore Girls days and I’d never seen the trailer. LOVE.

    When are you opening your etsy shop? I’m adding you to my reader; glad you commented and played my game!

    • Hope you love the movie…just enough toilet humor for the guys! Hoping to open my Etsy store at the end of June, using up my fabric stash and keeping me out of the fridge at night!

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