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Spork Online

While I know there are hundreds if not thousands of cooking shows on TV these days…what, you mean you haven’t heard of Food Network, the Cooking Channel, the Food Channel, the Asian Food Channel (yes, this is true); I went ahead and bought an annual membership to Spork Online.  Spork is an all vegan cooking school right here in SoCal.   Spork Online is recordings of their classes that you can view at your leisure.  So maybe you’re wondering why, if the place is so close, I just don’t take the classes live.  Well, one, I don’t like driving out to West Hollywood.  Not that it’s a bad place, it’s just not somewhere I like to go, weird, I know.  Second, for just $75 dollars you get access to 12 monthly classes, plus all their archived classes, plus recipes, where as taking a live class usually runs $65 per class.  I thought it was a no brainer.  This month the theme is Pizza Party–with, get this…Mediterranean Pizza with Pine Nut Cheese, no kidding Pine Nut Cheese (D. this one’s for you, cuz I know how much you love Pine Nuts!)  The darling sisters who run Spork are knowledgeable about the healing properties of food and love to share their smarts.  Sometimes they get a little cutesy, but hey, they’re young and cute so it’s allowed.  Check it out…


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