She’s Baaaack

So yah, I took a bit of a blogging break.  Not for any one particular reason, rather a whole combination that built up to “blogger’s burnout”.  Keeping a paper journal is a little different, you write in it before you go to bed (or whenever), and then you put it in a drawer until the next night, when you write again.  Not very many people pass their handwritten journals around to friends and family members asking for comments and hoping for affirmations about their daily bowl of oatmeal.  I’m the sort that often starts something with great enthusiasm, but then it becomes a chore due to pressures that I alone put on myself.  If I’m going to do something, I want to be the very best that I can be at it…this also explains my loathing of any sport that requires me to hit a small ball with a large object that I have to grip in some unnatural manner.  So blogging started to make me feel bad about myself when I couldn’t come up with something awesome that I had baked or an artful salad that I threw together made from vegetables grown in my backyard, and dressed with olive oil I pressed from olives hanging outside of my 1920’s craftsman’s cottage that I fully restored to its former glory single-handedly, and all served up in my hand thrown pottery bowl.  You get the idea.  I don’t cook every night, sometimes I eat the same thing for breakfast for a month, my garden consists of a gigantic tomato plant (that claims it’s a cherry tomato plant), an eggplant, and a couple of green pepper plants.  I was too lazy to start my greens so they never got planted.  My house is messy, with baseboards that I never finished and cat vomit stains on my cheap Home Depot rug.  But this is my life and I guess that’s really what blogging is about; instead of comparing myself to others and their charmed lives, I need to relish all I do have, and all the opportunities that have landed on my doorstep.  I have a fantastic BF who actually likes to wander around Farmer’s Markets and antique stores, how lucky am I ???  My kids are most excellent and Special K is my heart.  So even though this is a blog about my vegan journey, I think I’m about more than just what I eat.  I’ve decide I’ll write about whatever I’m thinking about that day, it may be food or it may be my latest craft endeavor.  P.S.  I still have plans to open on Etsy in a couple of months…so there’s that.  Anyway that is a long-winded way of why I took a break and where I want to take this blog.  And on that note I leave you with Funky Monkey Mango–These rock (yes I do use out dated phrases, but that’s just me…when I start saying something is “boss” just roll with it).

A little crunchy, a little sweet, a bag is one serving (not 3, which I usually find out after I’ve scarfed down a whole bag of something and realized I’ve just consumed my entire weekly caloric allowance) and only 90 calories, but who’s counting?



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