The Heat is On

Yes, it is hot here in SoCal this wonderful 4th of July weekend.  A trip out to Pasadena for a sandwich at Great Harvest Bread Company (of course that meant I needed to pick up a loaf of Dakota for the freezer), and a stroll around Old Town was on the menu today.  I love days spent wandering around places we only get to visit once in a while; checking out new shops and restaurants.  We totally slept in today, I never sleep past 9:00 and I mean REALLY SLEEP.  Flying from coast to coast on nearly back to back days can really throw the old internal clock out of whack and D. had hot, exhausting jobs this week so a few extra zzzzzz’s helped get us back to our usual cheery and chipper selves.  I bought some prizes for myself while out wandering which is also a little out of character, I usually look but don’t buy.  At Sur La Table I picked up two ice cream starter mixes, one for Butter Pecan and the other Salted Caramel.  The ingredient lists are short, it’s really just sugar…and yes I know I could just as well have bought a bag of sugar and made my own ice cream starter, but, but, but…okay I don’t have any good reason why I bought these.  I just did, so nah!  I also picked up a set of storage bowls at Crate and Barrel.  These are stoneware with plastic lids and the real reason I bought them was for the HUGE salads that I make for lunch.  I’m going to admit here, because it’s all about honesty, right?  I eat my salads out of a mixing bowl.  Granted it is the smallest mixing bowl in my set of three, but a mixing bowl nonetheless.  Don’t judge, my salads consist of nothing but veggies and oil free dressing or salsa, I just like a lot of it.  Anyway these bowls have some really cute graphics and I actually left the store without them and after pondering it for a bit went back and bought, so it wasn’t an impulse buy.  Really it wasn’t.

Catching a little shade in Old Town


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