Back to Reality

Back from a wonderful week at the Russian River.  I only got crabby once and got to see almost all of my family in one place.  One thing about my family…we are champion eaters and drinkers!  C. cooked up massive breakfasts that included some out of this world home fries that even tasted good the next day with a big blob of salsa on top for lunch.  We sought out brewpubs in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg and sampled local brews; we hit up the Sonoma County fair where we were enticed by a SoftTub salesman and I purchased a can of Whole Nectar protein powder from the Vita Mix booth.  The falafel from the fair was awesome and T. chowed down on the vegetarian gyro from the same stand.  We spent time reading on the deck and our room looked like it was in a tree house, if only we could wake up to that view every morning (could live without the guy driving the car with the loose fan belt though).  I was surprised with a birthday celebration that included vegan carrot cupcakes with Tofutti icing, yummo!  Came home to Mama Pea’s new cookbook in my mailbox and can’t wait to try out some of the family friendly recipes on Special K.  I figure they’re kid tested already.  Her book is as witty and hilarious as her blog, just love her!  Time to catch up on work and get back to reality.  With Mama Pea in the house this isn’t a bad thing.

Monte Rio…Vacation wonderland???  Really???

Picture this…a metal canoe on the river, two seats, four people.  Someone had to sit on the bottom (talk about no feeling in the nether regions!)…and don’t get me started on the hang up on the branch midstream fiasco.  These are the memories that vacations are made of.

Russian River Brewing Company (good beer…spinach salad — not so much)

A little sample, wait did I say little?  It equaled about two and a half  beers.

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