I’m a Pepper You’re a Pepper

So being out of circulation for a week I may have been out of touch with all the goings on happenings at Trader Joe’s.  After driving 9 hours on Sunday, the majority of which was spent on the most boring stretch of the I5 possible, I swung into TJ’s for a few items to tide me over.  Well what do we have here???  A smoked sea salt grinder?  What about a Flower Pepper grinder and last but not least Sugar, Chocolate and Coffee Bean grinder??  Whoo Hoo, I have been away for awhile.  Basket loaded down, I couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new finds…visions of oatmeal with strawberries and Sugar Chocolate & Coffee Beans sparkling on top.  Again with the reality, way too hot for oatmeal, and my strawberry plants had only two tiny deformed berries, blah!  Well then how about a salad, after all I picked up a bag of TJ’s herb Salad mix (my fave).  Salad all assembled, green pepper and tomato fresh from my garden, a bit of cider vinegar and EVOO drizzled atop, and then salad disaster.  After two quick grinds of smoked sea salt I went to add my very special Flower Pepper…so who’s the wise guy that loosened the top so I was left with a bowl of unground peppercorns.  Thanks…thanks a lot funny guy!  Lesson learned…make sure the lid is twisted on tight before upending a jar of peppercorns over your salad.

Post dump…notice the jar is half empty.

And a little bit of nostagia for your enjoyment

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