Saturday Strategy

On Saturdays when N. is away and D. is working I have plans to get lots done…instead what usually happens is I get all overwhelmed with everything and I end up sitting on the couch with my Kindle or spending too much time reading blogs.  So this Saturday I’m trying a new strategy, I’m making a list of 5 things–I figure 5 is doable as long as one of them is not paint the living room or something crazy like that.  Tomorrows list goes like this then:

  1. Gym – 30 minutes of cross training.  This is what my 1/2 marathon schedule tells me I have to do and I never argue with the schedule.
  2. Mop kitchen and living room floors; maybe I’ll throw in the bathroom for good measure.
  3. JoAnn for elastic and hem tape
  4. Put elastic in T’s shorts (2) and N’s shorts (2)
  5. Cut out two bags for Etsy

See I also wanted to make some seitan and maybe some roasted chickpeas and I do have a ton of laundry to do, oh and I need to run to Whole Foods…hmm maybe this list thing isn’t working out so well after all.  Okay, just for tomorrow I’ll stick to my 5 items and feel like I accomplished something.  And then if I squeeze in a few more tasks I’ll really be rollin’ (and considering where my weight has been going that’s not too far off base).

In the meantime here’s a little shot of the Russian River, viewed from the bottom of a very uncomfortable metal canoe…



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