Rewarding Good Behavior

It’s funny how from a very young age we’re motivated by rewards…no screaming like a banshee at the doctor’s and you’ll get an ice cream cone; don’t get your name on the clipboard at school and you’ll get that special sparkle and shine Barbie that you’ve been wishing for every holiday since your last birthday.  As we get older our rewards get a little bigger and they’re often self-doled out.  This wasn’t exactly a reward, since we had planned it a week in advance but I chose to look at dinner at Houston’s last night as a reward for getting my SS list completed.  One of Houston’s handmade veggie burgers is truly a reward.  None of those pressed and frozen patties for Houston’s, no these are big and fat and stuffed with veggies, brown rice and walnuts.  And the fries, oh yum…thin and crispy and salty.  They comped us dessert as well because of a bit of slow service, I passed, but the apple cobbler smelled heavenly as the cinnamony appley fragrance wafted over me…I’m sure it was loaded with butter and the pile of vanilla ice cream on top didn’t help; but it sure smelled wonderful.  So here’s to rewarding good behavior…

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