Fear of Seitan

Well I got over my fear of making seitan, or maybe it’s my fear of failing at making a delicious seitan, by cranking out a loaf of Julie Hasson’s (Vegan Diner) Pastrami-Style Seitan Roast.  What’s take me so long to do this???  I pictured kneading and boiling and cheesecloth, oh my.  Instead, it was a two bowl venture; dry ingredients in one, wet in the other, combine the two and it’s a wrap.  That would be a wrap in a tea towel (or a cloth napkin in my case) then a one hour steam bath and voila, sandwich fixin’s extraordinaire.  I’m picturing this with some tangy dill pickle slices and grainy mustard on a slice of rustic bread…oh yah!  I even had Special K. signing for more when I gave him a taste.  And while the boy seems to enjoy eating in general it made me feel good to have a one-year-old’s stamp of approval.


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