All Stirred Up

Tonight I tried my first recipe from the new Peas and Thank You Cookbook.  If this was any indication of the caliber of the recipes in this book my family is in for a treat.  I made Mama Thai’s Pineapple Cashew Stir Fry and it was love at first bite.  The tofu had a nice lemony zing from its overnight soak in a lemon juice + sugar bath, and it baked up nice and firm and meaty.  Lots of fresh veggies including a green bell pepper fresh from the garden.  My dish probably would have been a little more colorful if I had use the red or yellow pepper recommended, but I used what I had and it was still pretty darn delicious.  The sauce had that great restaurant quality yum factor, a little sweet (pineapple juice) a little sour (apple cider vinegar); it reminded me of my favorite wok dish at the Lazy Dog Cafe.  The recipe said it served four and that was a good hungry girl’s portion for sure.  Can’t wait to try something else…maybe the Thai Burger on the grill on Friday??  What do you think?


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