Soup and Sandwich Summer Style

Love alliteration?  I do as you can see by this title.  What else do I love?  A quick and easy dinner that doesn’t heat up the kitchen.  Even though it’s been less than sweltering here in So Cal a hot bowl of soup still didn’t sound very appetizing.  So what’s the opposite of hot soup?  Cold soup, you might say?  Sort of…what about a fruit and veggieful smoothie ala Mama Pea?  Along with a delicious sandwich of Pastrami Style Seitan (as dreamed of a couple of days ago) I served up Mama Pea’s Margarita Smoothie (sans optional booze).  I liked the combination of tart from the lime juice along with the subtle undertones of coconut from the coconut milk.  I didn’t add the stevia because I don’t like things that are “too sweet” (I put quotes around that because it’s a favorite inside quote that we use).  Another winner that I think I’ll sneak a scoop of Whole Nectar into for a protein boost at breakfast tomorrow.  I froze the rest of the coconut milk so it will be extra thick and yummy.  For dessert???  One perfect date with a squeeze of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter…Oh heavens!

Dessert…yes please

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