Another Peautiful Meal

Yes, I said Peautiful, I’ll get over “The Book” one of these days.  But today is not that day.  I made Better Than Ever Black Bean Burgers tonight for dinner.  I mixed it up before I went to pick up N. and since tonight is Thursday I had 30 minutes to let the flavors meld in the fridge while I watched Special K.  Then a quick fry up in a pan while my sweet potato fries heated up in the oven (yes, I used frozen fries, but they’re good and I could pronounce all the ingredients so don’t judge).  N. got a burger with all the trimmings, but since I had a sandwich for lunch I didn’t want to eat more bread because bread seems to attach itself to my gut and not let go (yes that’s about three loaves of bread hanging over my belt…picture that…yesssss), ANYWAAAAAY, I decided to crumble mine up in a salad.  Herb salad mix, plus an incredible tomato from my garden, a half an avocado, a squeeze of lime and some salsa verde made this a meal size, oh so yummo salad…and I may or may not have finished off the fries left on the pan 🙂

N.’s burger and fries

My salad, see nary a fry in sight, right?

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