Doing the Dust

Now I don’t really know if anyone calls the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach “The Dust” but with my love of alliteration I thought I should.  After the birthday meal at The Veggie Grill I had to use my $10 coupon over at Sur La Table.  Using dollars off coupons or gift cards means you should buy something that you would normally not spend your money on.  After perusing the entire store I settled on a vintage apron with embroidery and applique.  This seems kind of crazy since I’ve been making aprons by the scores (what’s a score?) for my Etsy shop.  But hey, that’s was being frivolous is all about, right?  The next stop on our day of frivolity was the Sawdust Festival where we thought we had Groupon tickets but turns out the tickets were for the Festival of the Arts across the street.  Not to let the small details deter us D. bought us tickets and we did the Dust.  Last year I started a tradition of buying a bowl from a local potter…this years bowl is a beautiful noodle bowl, chopsticks included, by Walter Reiss.  I may have to make Mama Pea’s Teriyaki Tofu and serve it over noodles to put it to immediate use.



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