Naked Chick Peas

I said chick peas as in garbanzo beans, not naked chicks.  I hope I don’t get any porn hits from using words like naked and chicks a little too loosely (oh oh, there I go again, loose naked chicks, really).  And here’s the kicker…I actually undressed these suckers, yep right down to their shiny little round selves.  And why, you might ask??  Why, because Mama Pea told me to.  I think I’m on a “Julia Project” type mission; but I don’t want to call this a Pea Project, because that just sounds nasty.  Which is where this whole post has been heading since the title.  Anyway back to recipes and such.  The Crazy Good Hummus from Peas and Thank You is just that…crazy good.  And undressing those chick peas makes all the difference in the world.  I’m no stranger to homemade hummus but I believe this will be my new go to recipe.  Right now it’s chilling in the fridge waiting for a freshly plucked plump pepper (there goes that alliteration again) straight from the garden…tomorrow’s lunch awaits.


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