Salty and Sweet

I’ve been known to eat popcorn for dinner; occasionally I’ve eaten ice cream for dinner and sometimes I’ve eaten popcorn and ice cream for dinner.  Together, yes, for dinner, yes.  Something about the sweet and salty, you know?  I think I’ve found an alternative to this…one with a little more protein and a lot less fat.  Introducing Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chick Peas, from yes, you guessed it, Peas and Thank You.  All right, you’re never going to pass off a bowl of these as ice cream, or popcorn for that matter; but they still satisfy that salty, sweet, snacky (alliterate much?) craving.  And if you serve them up in a pretty bowl, who knows someone might be fooled.


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Filed under Vegan Cooking

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