Curry and Stalking

I feel a little bit like I’m stalking the Pea family by trying out everything they’ve ever had for dinner in a two-week time span.  It’s kind of creepy in a foodie sort of way and I’ve never really been the stalkerish type, although I do lurk sometimes, and I do have that annoying eavesdropping habit, but other than that I don’t stalk, much.  So tonight will may be the last recipe from Peas and Thank You that I try for awhile, but I have to say the Curry In a Hurry was another winner.  I even managed to sneak a serving into a leftover dish so I can reheat it for lunch tomorrow.  I did cut back the curry powder from 1 and 1/2 Tablespoons to just 1 tablespoon when I noticed my curry on hand said HOT  on the bag.  Glad I made that change up.

In other news from my exciting life, Special K. can now get his favorite Baby Reads book off the shelf and point to the author’s picture and say Titzer; he doesn’t quite have the Doctor part down; but at least he knows the name of the man who taught him to read, well maybe one day he’ll be reading.  But really, he’s not just repeating the word, he actually knows who Doctor Titzer is, the boy makes his Nana proud!


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