Roots Gourmet

Thursday night out is not something I normally do, well in all reality any weeknight out is a rarity in my life.  So we decided Weinberg (funny, my phone decided I wanted to say “Weinberg” instead “weeknights”) weeknights out on occasion was a good habit to start.  Gives us a chance to try some new veg friendly restaurants in town.  Tonight’s date night we gave Roots Gourmet a try.  I forgot my camera but snapped a phone pic of my vegan empanadas.  These were 1 for $2.99 or 3 for $7.99, glad I went with the 3.  These were so yummy,  I probably could have eaten 3 more.  The filling is black beans,  corn, chick peas, and I think I saw a few kidney beans.  All wrapped up with a chili spiked sauce and deep-fried.  Oh yes!  The service was friendly and pretty quick and the patio tables were nice although close to the parking lot, but hey, that’s So Cal for you.  D.’s sandwhich was tasty too, so he said, but since it involved meat no picture.  There was a Kale pocket that sounded interesting so we’ll definitely be back.

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