Things I Liked Thursday

See a pattern here, a theme of sorts?  Am I going to do this every day of the week, make up a title that starts with the same letter as the day of the week?  No probably not, it just happened that way because today I ran across a couple of things that I liked.  So here goes:

  • Yummy Plants site – Yummy Plants is a community to help people explore a plant-based life.  They have a list of restaurants listed by state; The Yummy Plants Cafe which is a community forum; nutrition information; recipes, along with a bunch of other goodies to read.
  • Fort Collins, CO has the safest drivers in the country – This is contrary to what I had been led to believe about Colorado drivers.
  • People really do find bags of cash – I always have these weird ideas about walking or running along and finding bags of money.  Looks like I’ll have to start checking under my pepper plants too.
  • Homemade Baba Ghanoush – Made from homegrown eggplants,  The best!  I used the recipe from the Chicago Diner cookbook but it was very similar to this one from Tyler Florence.

Granted, not the most photogenic dip in the world, but it sure tastes good!



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