When it’s Hot Think Crock Pot

With temperatures reaching the 3 digits around here, it makes working at home with no AC a little less desirable than one would think.  Although you can sit around in your underwear if you so choose and those that attend the same conference calls won’t stare or anything, like in those underwear dreams we all have from time to time.  Just to set things straight, I did not sit around in my chonies today, although it took me awhile to change out of my gym clothes, but who’s looking, right?  Enchilada were on the menu today, but I refused to raise the heat level in my house any more than nature already had so I improvised and made Spicy African Peanut Slow Cooker Soup from Peas and Thank You.  Another thing I love about this cookbook is that I can turn to just about any recipe and I have all the ingredients I need, that is always a bonus for me.  I let the stew simmer on my countertop in the crock-pot all day and took a bowl of it outside to eat when it finally started to cool off and a nice breeze was rolling in off the ocean.  Not too spicy, a little curry, cumin and garam masala, with chick peas, lentils and chunks of sweet potato, lots of good protein.  Another winner with leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Last weekend of summer my foot!



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