Top 10 (so far)

Here are a few highlights from our first week in Maui.   Our agenda when we visit the islands is to do nothing so when I say highlights it may not be anyone else’s idea of a good time, but sucking down a blue lagoon by the pool ranks right up there on my list.  So here we go…
1. Laying by the pool until you can’t take the heat anymore then jumping in the water.  I swear you can hear your skin sizzle as it cools off.
2. Reading, love that I can bring half a dozen books along and it takes up no more room than one thanks to Kindle.
3. Morning runs along the boardwalk
4. Waking to a tree full of noisy birds.  Have to get that one on video to share.
5. Greek scrambles to start the day eaten on the Lanai overlooking the garden
6. Grounds cats so I can get my Kitty fix.  These are feral cats but very friendly.
7. Sunset cruises with a vegan dinner option and proceeds going to save the whales.
8. Paia- love that place…especially the 7 veggie stew at Cafe Mambo
9. Drives with no destination you find some cool little spots to stop and hike.  Although hiking in flip flops is not recommended
10. Spending time with my favorite fella’


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2 responses to “Top 10 (so far)

  1. Wow, Maui sounds amazing! I’m very jealous that you’re somewhere hot with a pool!

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