It’s all Downhill

It all started at the top of a volcano at 5:00 in the morning. It actually started more at sea level in a Haiku parking lot at 3:00 am with 30 or more eager (read crazy) bike riders. After a short bus ride ascending to 10000 feet we witnessed a magnificent sunrise. It was frickin’ freezin’ up there, Mister Bigglesworth. Peeling my All Star clad feet from the rock I had perched on we climbed back on our bus and made our way down to 6500 feet, slapped on our full face helmets and took off down the hill ( and I use the term “hill” loosely). I rode the breaks pretty hard for awhile but between the quiet of the countryside and the spectacular scenery I forgot I was agreed of downhill speed and totally flew the 27 miles to Haiku. What a rush! And to top it off the iced tea I picked up at McD’s was the best I’ve ever had, it tasted like Juicy Fruit gum. Awesome day!


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