Taste of Home


I recently opened my mailbox and found this Taste of Home magazine waiting for me.  Oddly enough this was not a magazine I had subscribed to but according to the mailing label I’ll be getting this until February of 2014.  The idea that someone had gifted this to me crossed my mind briefly until I noticed it was addressed to Special K,  except it had my last name and address.   Mystery deepens, right?  Not really.   Back in October I was held captive at my door by a young kid selling magazines to “keep him off the streets” and “earn points for a trip to Italy”.  You’ve heard the story.   Well against my better judgement I ordered a book for Special K thinking it would make a nice Christmas gift.   My check was cashed almost immediately but the book never arrived. Instead I get this magazine that I didn’t order.  A little online research of this company, MTS Circulation, uncovered dozens of stories similar to mine.  So lesson learned…don’t buy anything from friendly kids selling door to door.   I figured I could put the magazine to good use and try to veganize some of the recipes which it’s loaded with. So all is not wasted.   This still doesn’t explain the subscription to Ebony that I’ve been receiving for the past year, and that one’s even addressed to me.  Hmmmmm!

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