Ponder This

There are a lot of posts about New Year’s resolutions floating around the blogosphere which makes sense since it’s that time of year that resolutions are being made.  I don’t usually make resolutions, well any that I put in writing anyway.  Who wants to have that kind of pressure hanging over their head all year like a moisture laden rain cloud?  Not me, my friend.  I would rather have my resolutions in my head all secret and tucked away, so if I don’t keep them only I know.  Well thinking about that seems kind of silly too.  Really resolutions should just be good intentions and even though the road is paved with good intentions (I actually think it’s the road to hell), so what.  So here we are a conundrum of sorts..do I put them in writing or leave well enough alone.  And here’s something else to ponder, do I put them here or just jot them down on a napkin or one of the many notebooks that are stashed throughout my home?  Okay here goes, my intentions for 2012:

  1. Go back to school for my Master’s
  2. Open my Etsy store
  3. Keep up my outdoor work outs (stay out of the smelly, bacteria laden gym)
  4. Lose those last 10 pounds that seem to just want to hang around
  5. Barbeque more–plan in advance
  6. Cook more dinners and less sweets 🙂
  7. Make a family favorites cookbook for A and T
  8. Revise Will
  9. Finish my Get It Together book
  10. Less time-wasting more production

Now was that so bad?   So now I just have to follow-up in 364 days and see how I did.  Some of these things need a little refining but I think this is a good start.  Here we go 2012!



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