Vegan MoFo – The Infamaous Hugh Jass Salad

Salads should be eaten every day.  The beauty of salads is you can take last nights leftover __________(insert grains, beans, protein, etc) and make it into something new depending on whatever else you have lurking in your refrigerator or cupboards.  My cupboards have been known to house bits of this, that and the next thing (think mango chutney or olive tapenade) that turn plain old brown rice into something magical.   Check out the dark recesses of your cupboards, remember that jar of lavender salt you bought on vacation last year, how about those spiced almonds that haven’t been cracked open.  Dried figs, yes please.  Throw everything in a bowl and then have fun perusing your bottles of flavored vinegars, you know you have some.  As the weather cools down I like to toss things in my salads that have those warm fall flavors.  Today’s Hugh Jass featured, a half a Granny Smith apple, pomegranate arils, rosemary almonds, and a champagne citrus vinegar and olive oil dressing, all on top of a bed of herb salad mix.  Crunchy, salty, sweet, and tart…not a thing was missing.  So go create and enjoy your own Hugh Jass, I’m not sharing.

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  1. This salad looks great. Love the combos in there.

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