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Vegan MoFo – Doing Good For the Animals

While I was at my old kitty Jones’ oncologist appointment today (shhh, he had the cancer…no, no, he’s just fine now) I saw a flier for a fundraiser being held at the Veggie Gril in my neighborhood.  Funny thing is that the Vetrinary Cancer Center is about 25 miles from my house.  So I took that as my sign to go to the Veggie Grill and support Long Beach Animal Care Services.  ACS is trying to raise money for a cooling system to make the animals more comfortable during our hot summer days.  Veggie Grill is donating 50% of sales when anyone brings in a flier or mentions the fundraiser.  So not only do you get good eats you get to support the animals.  This offer runs until 10:00 pm so get moving, turn off the news, run…run I said! 

Download the flier here

I had the B-Wing Salad – –  most delicious


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Vegan MoFo – Trick or Treat

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Halloween/Birthday/Season Premier of the Walking Dead party by a fantastic Vegan Hostess.  Not only were her decorations fabulous the food was frighteningly good.  Enjoy!

On the wall behind the table it said “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary”

The Spread

One of the guests was super hungry

Homemade Ghost chips in guacamole

Rest in Peas (English peas with toast gravestones)









Finger bone pretzels with almond fingernails







My contribution – Candy Corn Cupcakes (chocolate cake, orange buttercream tinted candy corn colors)



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Vegan MoFo – Simmzie’s a Review

Remember when eating out vegetarian meant a grilled cheese sandwich or an iceberg salad with bleu cheese dressing?  What about dining out vegan?  It’s so nice now that you can find entire restaurants devoted to vegan dining and most establishments have at least several options that are either vegan or can easily be made vegan.  I like that; makes eating out with friends who don’t embrace the whole animal free thing, much easier than it was 20 years ago, or try 38 years in my case.  We ate at a new for us place down in the trendy neighborhood of Belmont Shore, no stray dogs or gray chicken lurking around Simmzie’s.  They’re proud of their local sourcing and fresh ingredients and they make a mean Hummus Burger.  Leave off the mayo and you’re right there.  Crispy on the outside with a taste between falafel and hummus, it was really good.  Their fries are thin and of the shoestring variety which I love…those crunchy bits and pieces make me happy!  Maybe it’s just vacation that makes me happy, but good fries don’t hurt.

Sunshine, ocean and a good burger…ahhh

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Vegan MoFo – Cleo’s a Review

Being on vacation this week has left little time in the kitchen for me, that included yesterday when we spent most of the day in L.A.   First at the Cleopatra exhibit at the California Science Center, then dinner at Cleo’s (how fitting is that) and finally The Book of Mormon?  Adrenaline pinching enough for you?   The exhibit and show were great but really folks you know I’m all about the food and this was some delicious feast.  With two vegans in our group the two of us ordered enough to split between the two of us plus share (when we felt like it).  Cleo’s is a small plate Mediterranean restaurant located on Hollywood and Vine.  It was dim and romantic which probably made the food taste twice as good.  We ordered Babaganoush, hummus, Brussel sprouts (to die for), spinach salad with fresh figs and dried cherries, falafel, and spicy potatoes.  I was so stuffed I could have fallen asleep during the show if it hadn’t been so hilarious!  Recommendation – – Go see the show and eat at Cleo’s if you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Hollywood!!

Excuse the dark photos

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A Stinking Rose


I may have garlic leaking from my pores tomorrow as I swelter under the Maui sun but it was so worth it.  The special at The Flatbread Company tonight was the Veggie pizza, with artichoke hearts,tomatoes, a garlic olive oil base and big whole chunks of roasted garlic, oh yes!

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Dining Disappointments

Don’t you hate when you go out for dinner and you look forward to good eats at a restaurant you’ve been to before and then you take a chance on one of their “new” items, knowing that you really love one of the standard menu items but you don’t want to get in a rut and be accused of being “too routine”, and then that new item just doesn’t live up to expectations, and you leave the restaurant full but not satisfied?  Don’t you hate that?  Case in point – – The Factory’s new White Bean Hummus and Veggie Wrap should just be called Veggie Wrap with Essence of White Bean Hummus or Lack of White Bean Hummus and Enormous Amounts of Veggies Wrap, but that’s kind of a long title and probably wouldn’t spark much interest.  The wrap consisted of mostly arugula, a scattering of tomatoes and maybe one thin ring of red onion which I saw but never really tasted.  I’ll stick to the veggie pasta next time!

I’m guessing they were out of the crunchy carrots, and sautéed summer squash and zucchini, as well as that white bean hummus referenced in the item title on the menu.  Maybe they were thinking I wouldn’t notice.

Factory on Urbanspoon

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Roots Gourmet

Thursday night out is not something I normally do, well in all reality any weeknight out is a rarity in my life.  So we decided Weinberg (funny, my phone decided I wanted to say “Weinberg” instead “weeknights”) weeknights out on occasion was a good habit to start.  Gives us a chance to try some new veg friendly restaurants in town.  Tonight’s date night we gave Roots Gourmet a try.  I forgot my camera but snapped a phone pic of my vegan empanadas.  These were 1 for $2.99 or 3 for $7.99, glad I went with the 3.  These were so yummy,  I probably could have eaten 3 more.  The filling is black beans,  corn, chick peas, and I think I saw a few kidney beans.  All wrapped up with a chili spiked sauce and deep-fried.  Oh yes!  The service was friendly and pretty quick and the patio tables were nice although close to the parking lot, but hey, that’s So Cal for you.  D.’s sandwhich was tasty too, so he said, but since it involved meat no picture.  There was a Kale pocket that sounded interesting so we’ll definitely be back.

Roots Gourmet on Urbanspoon

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