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Vegan MoFo – Gingerbread Waffles

So what do you do when it starts raining at 3:45 am and you can’t sleep and you have a new waffle iron just sitting cold and lonely in your cupboard?  Do you listen to that irritating voice in your head that keeps saying things like..

We’re making waffles

I listened and at 4:00am I found myself in the kitchen mixing up a batch of gingerbread waffles from Vegan Brunch.  I didn’t have any fresh ginger so I subbed in a teaspoon of dried.  My house smelled like Christmas…Too soon, you think?  Whatevs, if only I could have crawled back into bed after that, but no, work called.

Got to use my new waffle iron and my cool dispenser that had yet to be tried out.  Worked like a charm.  Plus I have 4 waffles in the freezer all ready for the next morning it starts raining at 3:45am and I crave waffles.


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Muffins and Soup and Rain

Cold weather and baking go hand in hand, like a Snuggie and a night-time pub crawl (seriously that’s what their site says a Snuggie is good for.  A batch of Gingerbread Flax Muffins and some Cashew Carrot and Ginger soup was better than a pub crawl in a hot pink Snuggie.  Ok, so the soup wasn’t homemade but it was warm and gingery and paired up well with a fresh-baked muffin.  The muffins made 7 largish muffins instead of the 6 that the recipe said, leftovers for sure.  The flax added a nice nuttiness and the applesauce made them super moist (and I say that even though I hate that word).  I ate two and would have eaten more if I hadn’t put them out of reach for the night.

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