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Vegan MoFo Is Almost Here

The Vegan Month of Food or Vegan MoFo is just around the corner.  Reading the many wonderful vegan blogs last year inspired me to start my own and I’ve been looking forward to this all year.

I’ve tried on numerous themes…Cookie of the Day, Muffin of the Day, Cupcake of the Day, but since moving my office to my home I feel that by the end of the month I would either have a freezer full of baked goods or I’d be on the floor in a sugar induced coma with cats snacking on my toes.  A little too scary for me!  I also thought about pulling out some of my ancient cookbooks, if you can believe after getting rid of 80 cookbooks I still have more.  My idea is to do some reviews on those oldies but goodies that turned me on to the vegetarian lifestyle to begin with.

Or maybe there will be no theme as that seems to be the theme of the day around here!  Get ready for The Vegan Month of Food!


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