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Vegan MoFo – Doing Good For the Animals

While I was at my old kitty Jones’ oncologist appointment today (shhh, he had the cancer…no, no, he’s just fine now) I saw a flier for a fundraiser being held at the Veggie Gril in my neighborhood.  Funny thing is that the Vetrinary Cancer Center is about 25 miles from my house.  So I took that as my sign to go to the Veggie Grill and support Long Beach Animal Care Services.  ACS is trying to raise money for a cooling system to make the animals more comfortable during our hot summer days.  Veggie Grill is donating 50% of sales when anyone brings in a flier or mentions the fundraiser.  So not only do you get good eats you get to support the animals.  This offer runs until 10:00 pm so get moving, turn off the news, run…run I said! 

Download the flier here

I had the B-Wing Salad – –  most delicious


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Happy Birthday to Me

No it’s not my birthday but if you sign up with the Veggie Grill Birthday club you get a card for a free entree and today was my day to cash mine inI got the Bayou Chickin’ . 8.95, Chillin’ chickin’, lightly blackened with cajun spices, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, spicy vegan mayo.  Whoooohoo this was good; and for the first time in my life I tried Buffalo Wings.  This was an appetizer that wasn’t popular before I became a vegetarian so in my pre-veggie days it was not something I had ever tried.  The Veggie Grill version, of course, does not harm any of our feathered friends but it has the same combination of peppery, vinegary sauce with cool ranch to take some of that edge off.  I am sold and will probably go back for more.  Why can’t Hooter’s serve these, I’m sure I would frequent that place more since I hear they have great wings!



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Veggie Grill In Review

Dinner last night couldn’t have been better.  I’ve only eaten at the Veggie Grill in Irvine  three times and each time has been a most excellent experience.  The counter help is always friendly and smiling and the place always looks spotless.  Last night I got my free birthday entree’, just fill out a survey and it’s yours.  I chose the Chipotle BBQ sandwich.  Shredded veggie steak with barbeque sauce and chipotle ranch, carmelized onions, lettuce and tomato.  All this loveliness is served on a soft wheat bun with a choice of sides.  I selected my favorite sweetheart fries (sweet potato fries) which adds $2.25 to your bill but is well worth it.  I’ve heard their steamin’ kale is killer too but I can never pass up a good sweet potato fry.  The fries come with a little cup of chipotle ranch for dipping too.  I also got my favorite iced tea…they have a good selection of lightly sweetened and unsweetened.  I mixed a little of the peach with plain black for a refreshing beverage to accompany the chipotle spice.  By the way, I read that chipotle flavor is on its way out.  I don’t really care, I’ll still enjoy it, I don’t mind being hopelessly outdated.  D. settled on the same thing as I had except he got the mac n’ cheese for his side.  For a dedicated omnivore that he is he certainly seemed to enjoy his sandwich.  Could have been that he was super hungry or it could have been that the food is just that dang good! 

The sign…

The sips…

Iced tea and root beer…sorry no Coke served here but they do serve beer and wine if you’re in the mood.

The sides…sweetheart fries

mac n’ cheese

The sandwich


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Veggie Grill

Our Christmas shopping trip to Irvine Spectrum today centered on eating lunch at the Veggie Grill.  Many of our outings center around eating at one place or another, but what was unusual is that D. agreed to this destination even after I told him it was a vegetarian restaurant.  We wandered by at noon and it was pretty crowded so we carried on with our shopping until we were both getting crabby and our stomachs were even crabbier.

I ordered the V-burger and D. got the All-American Stack.  We both opted for the Sweetheart Fries.  I had the Peach Iced Tea and D went for an all natural Cola since he couldn’t get Coke.  Talk about “meaty” deliciousness.  I was impressed and D. ate his Stack and admitted it was quite tasty and even said there were things on the menu he would like to come back and try.  For a dedicated omni that is really saying something.  I tried a bite of the “steak” from his sandwich and it had a nice bite to it.  The whole wheat buns were fresh, the fries were crispy outside and sweet and soft on the inside.  The Peach tea was not too sweet, something I hate with the Nestea versions of fruit tea.  All in all a great meal that left us full but not overly so, and promises of a return trip.

We finished up our shopping a little less crabby!


All American Stack

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